Certify your company’s data with Bitcoin seals

Modern companies produce huge volume of data every day. With Woleet you can now automate the sealing of critical flows easily, without compromising confidentiality.

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Woleet : Digital Truth Provider

What is a Bitcoin seal?

Bitcoin seals, applied to any kind of data, prove datation and provenance from a corporate entity.
A Bitcoin seal combines a digital signature, a proven link to a given corporate identity, and an immutable timestamp published in Bitcoin.
As a result data instantly becomes trustworthy and can be shared securely to anyone without risking tampering or backdating.

Choose the right tool for the right job

With the Woleet software suite, you can easily automate the creation of Bitcoin seals.

Woleet ProofDesk
Manual sealing of single documents or document batches with ProofDesk
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Woleet ProofKeeper
Automated sealing of documents on your desktop with ProofKeeper
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Woleet Command Line Interface
Automated sealing from server-side with Woleet Command Line Interface
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Build with the API

The Woleet API gives developers the flexibility to implement their ideas.


Why using Bitcoin for electronic seals?

It gives you the best guarantees

Using Bitcoin as a notary for corporate signature ensure the maximum level of resilience and security for the data. With Bitcoin seals you have high guarantees on the possibility to prove data’s provenance and integrity in the future.

It enables real independence and interoperability

When you use Woleet to create Bitcoin seals, you get in return all the self-verifiable digital proofs you need to face any audit, or litigation. Automatic verification is also possible without asking permission to anyone.

Bitcoin Seal Legal Value

In the EU The eIDAS Regulation is used to standardise the terms of electronic seals. Woleet meets the requirement of simple and advanced electronic seals under eIDAS. In the US Woleet Bitcoin seals can be configured to meet the requirements of the E-Sign Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. For the rest of the world, Bitcoin seals can be legaly binding for the majority of use cases.
DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for general information purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice. Laws governing electronic signature may change quickly, so Woleet cannot guarantee that all the information on this site is current or correct. Should you have specific legal questions about any of the information on this site, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your area.

Simple Bitcoin seal

A simple bitcoin seal use a declarative identity only.  link to an email verified once by Woleet. This identity is not verified and thus does not provide a strong evidence for the real provenance of the data. The timestamp is still a strong evidence and the simple seal can be useful for internal purpose of a company for traceability and audits.

Advanced electronic seal

Advanced Bitcoin seal require security features that ensure it is uniquely linked to a verified identity. You can make advanced seal either by running your own identity server behind your own verified domain (protected by TLS),  or by using a third party verifying corporate identities with KYB procedures.

Use cases

Bitcoin seals can be life-saving in many  situations. To date here are the main business cases families:


Supporting documents, diplomas, certificates, contracts, internal and external communication etc., when sealed, become impossible to counterfeit and can be shared securely outside the company.


For documents or data required by regulation and/or auditors (invoicing data, traceability data, HR data etc.), Bitcoins seals are the perfect tools for companies to prove data authenticity and datation.

IP Protection

Sealing all type of creations is a great way to protect the company, without unveiling any sensitive or strategic content to anyone. Ideal for non-registered IP assets, trade secrets and designs.

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Protect your customers

Retail is turning fully digital and clients need to stay protected against theft and forgery. With Woleet Ulysse Nardin protects their customers with unbreakable Bitcoin seals.
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Think in the long run

EDF is a world-leading electricity provider. They built on top of our API a common service for data certification, used by many business units for their specific needs.
EDF - Discover the success story
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Still wondering whether you need it?
Here are some benefits for you

Fast Integration
You don’t need to have any special knowledge about blockchain to get started. With our tooling you can protect your data only within hours.
100% Confidential
The making of a Bitcoin seal does not involve upload of the data at any moment. Sensitive documents can stay totally under control.
No friction
Sealing can be made without touching to legacy systems, it applies to data of any type or size with every software.
The Woleet platform is able to manage 1000 API call per second and per IP address. Scalability is at the core of Woleet value proposition.
Making Bitcoin seals enables trust minimization. Once sealed in the blockchain data is protected forever with no vendor dependance.
Legally binding
Bitcoin seals meet the requirements of the majority of e-signature regulation worldwide. They are opposable evidences valid in court.

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Universal Timestamping

Woleet allows you to timestamp data by anchoring it in the Bitcoin blockchain. The generated proofs are verifiable without the need of a third party, anywhere in the world.
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Electronic Signature

By allying standard cryptography and Bitcoin timestamping, Woleet reinvents e-signature in a secure, fast and privacy-focused way. Discover how to manage your signature workflows easily.
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