E-Signature Rebooted

By allying standard cryptography and Bitcoin blockchain, Woleet offers a brand new e-signature mechanism that is secure, rock-solid and preserve your privacy

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Think electronic signature differently

At Woleet we leverage the potential of Bitcoin blockchain, a public distributed ledger, so as to prove the achievement of an electronic signature. You don’t need a Trust Service Provider as anybody can check the validity of electronic signatures, whatever the data format. You benefit of the public distributed ledger so as to scale your electronic signature processes.

Create international digital signatures

Woleet validity of electronic signature can be technically demonstrated and meets the requirements of any electronic signature, including European or American regulations.
electronic signature

Get your decentralized identity management

Signees control the divulgation of their identity information. Woleet ID Server Edition allows you to host your own identity management application that will be used for proving signees identity in the verification process.

How it works

  • scale e signature

    Step 1

    A person in your company prepares a document requiring an electronic signature (quote, contract, etc.)

  • Step 2 digitally sign document

    Step 2

    The signatory or signatories receive an access link to the signature page by e-mail

  • Step 3 sign with your phone

    Step 3

    The document is signed electronically by the recipient(s) (strong authentication with SMS code)

  • Step 4

    The proof of signature and the fingerprint of the document are time-stamped in the blockchain, ensuring their integrity and the date of signature

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Universal Timestamping

Woleet allows you to timestamp data by anchoring it in the Bitcoin blockchain. The generated proofs are verifiable without the need of a third party, anywhere in the world.
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Frictionless Integration

Developers can easily leverage blockchain anchoring capabilities with no friction with legacy systems. Our goal is to facilitate integration with public documentation and open source code.
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