The most secure signature.

Sign or have signed any document, whatever its size or format, in complete confidentiality.

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Continuous availability
Data confidentiality
Maximum Safety
Enhanced security
Legal Compliance
Traceability and Data Integrity
Ease of use
Time and efficiency savings
Simplified Document Management

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Request a signature for any type of file, whatever its size, without downloading it and without jeopardizing your privacy.


Select document

Select the document to be signed from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.


Select signatories

Create new signatories or select from your directory.


Send your request

Define the order of signatories, add a message, expiration date or launch date.

An easy-to-use tool.

Real-time tracking

Stay informed every time a new signature is created.

Certificate of signature

Each signatory receives a certificate of signature once the signatures have been completed.

Automatic reminder

Signatories receive reminder emails to sign before the deadline.

API integration

Sign any document from your favorite drive.

Nous avons décidé d'utiliser la solution la plus sécurisée et la plus reconnue. De plus, selon une enquête de satisfaction que nous envoyons à nos clients avec le certificat, 91 % voient la valeur d'utiliser la blockchain pour protéger leur certificat et 100 % sont satisfaits de recevoir un certificat numérique protégé.

Stéphane CARLIER

Chief Digital Officer

Legal & timeless E-signatures

Woleet electronic signature is recognized in France and Europe.
Your documents are protected according to strict security standards.

Keeping your documents confidential

Your documents remain secure and confidential, never leaving your corporate network

Legal E-Signatures

All the signatures created comply with eIDAS standards. This compliance, coupled with the Bitcoin blockchain, makes it possible to generate signatures that are irrefutable and international.

E-Signature timeless

Combining the Bitcoin blockchain with electronic signatures means that you remain totally autonomous, and never have to depend on a third-party service for either archiving or signature validity.