How to get a signing key for a verified identity

In order to realize advanced electronic seals

In order to seal your company’s sensitive data, it is necessary to associate your company’s verified identity with it. If you are not able to set up and maintain an identity server yourself, Woleet offers a system that will allow you to quickly implement this identity verification.

Using a hosted identity server

Woleet provides and maintains in its infrastructure identity servers reserved for identities verified by a trusted third party. Each identity registered there is verified by a trusted third party partner who will ensure the validity of the identity of the legal entity.

Key assignment process

When a key is allocated, the trusted third party (lawyer or bailiff) will initiate a verification procedure with the company concerned, requiring the exchange of supporting documents concerning its corporate identity, the identity of its managers, proof of address etc. This “KYB” (know your business) procedure is necessary to claim an advanced signature. Here the trusted third party is responsible for verifying the identity information.

Using a verified identity

At the end of this procedure an identity is created on the dedicated identity server and an API key is provided to the customer so that he can use it to seal this data.
It is possible to revoke the keys in case of compromise or a particular security policy, in which case a specific request must be made to the third party in charge of identity management.
For example, it is possible to use this key directly in the Proof Keeper tool. It allows you to automate the sealing of all data saved in a particular directory of the company’s information system.
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