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Woleet uses Bitcoin to publish proofs of existence and provenance that everybody can verify in all circumstances and in all jurisdictions. Here you will find a list of useful resources to learn more about all aspects of the protocol.

Getting Started

Introduction to Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos explains the basics of Bitcoin with an incredible gift for pedagogy
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Bitcoin mining

bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining is a central and often misunderstood element, this article presents how it works.
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Getting started

Bitcoin Logo is à great place to start with Bitcoin. This website regroups every useful ressources you need to start.
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Mastering Bitcoin

Mastering bitcoin book
This reference book allows you to understand the basics before going into technical details.
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Where it begun

Download the Bitcoin White paper

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Technical ressources

Bitcoin White paper

White Paper Bitcoin
Where it all began. This white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the concept of Bitcoin in 2008.
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Technical documentation

Documentation technique Bitcoin
This documentation for developers presents in detail all the important concepts of Bitcoin 
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Programming in Bitcoin

Livre : Programming Bitcoin
This book by Jimmy Song will allow you to learn the workings of Bitcoin through concrete examples of code.
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Bitcoin Wiki

Bibliothèque contenant beaucoup de livres
This site gathers 1200 pages of information about Bitcoin, you now have something to do if you are thirsty for information on the subject!
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Must-read articles

The bullish case about Bitcoin

This article by Vijay Boyapati is a projection on the future evolution of Bitcoin.
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It’s the settlement assurance, stupid!

This article by Nic Carter highlights the important points to keep in mind when comparing blockchains.
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Bitcoin Timestamp security

Jameson Lopp provides an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin’s timestamping engine and the level of confidence that can be placed in it.
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Podcasts are a great way to learn more about Bitcoin, especially when they take an in-depth look at particular aspects of the technology. Here is a non-exhaustive list of podcasts that we highly recommend.

The Original Let’s Talk Bitcoin Show

This podcast is one of the oldest in the industry and discusses all topics around Bitcoin with prestigious guests from all over the world.
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Tales from the Crypt

The Tales from the Crypt by Marty Bent is a historical podcast hosted by Marty Bent. They cover the economic, technical and even philosophical topics of Bitcoin

Stephan Livera Podcast

Stephan Livera Podcast (SLP) is recognised in the industry as one of the world’s leading Bitcoin podcasts with a 4.9 star average across 517 ratings globally and over 2M downloads, and ranked in the top 0.5% of podcasts globally. SLP is focused on educational interviews about the economics and technology of Bitcoin.

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