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Woleet is a French startup created in 2016. The cofounders wanted to democratize digital security and minimize centralized trust. We provide a new approach to digital trust based on blockchain. With the Woleet platform, all companies will be able to create irrefutable international evidence of electronic signature and time stamp all necessary data.
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« Electronic signatures are being pushed by the young company from Rennes, Woleet. […] «Our volume technology allows us to process 400 documents per second» says Gilles Cadigan, who co-founded Woleet with Vincent Barat »

« Woleet combines the advantages of time stamping with those of blockchain. Startups, SMEs, key accounts and public administrations can generate certificates of authenticity easily and quickly and secure their transactions »

« Woleet uses the Bitcoin blockchain to create timestamped proofs of existence and signature for documents. Tools like these are invaluable to anyone working with contracts, legal documents, and intellectual property. »

« Simple, economical, efficient and almost immediate way to guarantee the existence, authenticity and the origin of a document. Without possible contestation because all is archived and transparent between entities. »

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