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ProofKeeper is the simplest way to automate the creation of immutable, irrefutable, international and durable digital proofs.

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Simple: After a one-click configuration, simply choose some target folders and voilà !

Scalable: ProofKeeper is able to process thousands of files daily.

Complete: Create either timestamps or signatures, with corporate or personal identities.

Confidential: No file is sent over the Internet as ProofKeeper computes files hashes locally.

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Download the binaires from Github (Windows, Linux and Mac OS supported)

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Choose folders to secure

Select the folders where you want seal automation to take place.

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Server side automation

ProofKeeper use woleet-cli, a very useful command line interface simplifying Woleet API access. When working with data archived on server, woleet-cli is a powerful tool for sysadmins.

Automated data security

Protect all your documents by automating proof of seals or

digital signature with ProofKeeper.

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