How to strengthen proof of signature?

The Woleet Sign audit trail

How to strengthen proof of signature

When an electronic signature is made with Woleet Sign, the document containing all the opposable proof is the signature attestation. This attestation must be well archived as well as the corresponding document. The second part of this attestation concerns the audit trail whose role is to reinforce the strength of the evidence.

What does the audit trail contain?

Audit trail example
Audit trail example
The audit trail contains the chronological list of all the events related to a signature request such as the time of the creation of the request, the sending of the different emails, the effective signatures of the signatories, the sending of SMS etc. This list of events generated by the Woleet Sign application is signed by Woleet and the result is time-stamped in the blockchain.

What is the purpose of the audit trail?

This operation ensures that the signature has been generated by Woleet and not by an application pretending to be so. It greatly reinforce the strength of the proof by giving more details about the history of the events that gave rise to the signatures.
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