How does Woleet Sign work?

Speed and simplicity, that’s what the electronic signature offers you. It is today the essential tool to manage your exchanges actively and legally. Its use is governed by the European eIDAS regulation, and has a probative value within the European Union member countries.

Woleet Sign – The eSignature for any type of document

Woleet Sign is an electronic signature solution that offers a breakthrough in usage and vision when compared to traditional electronic signature solutions. Woleet Sign uses the blockchain to record data in an immutable and opposable way linked to the act of signing.
The technology used allows our users to sign or have signed documents of any type, without size limit and without compromising the confidentiality of the documents. Your documents to be signed will never leave your server.
Specifically, we write into the Bitcoin blockchain an encrypted proof of :
  • The identity of the signer (represented by his email address and/or confirmed by a phone number)
  • The digital fingerprint of the signed file
  • Date and time of signature
Once this is done, a signature certificate is sent to the signer(s) of the file. This certificate contains all the signature proofs as well as the audit report and constitutes the proof of signature.
Being fully legal, Woleet Sign is compliant with European (eIDAS) and American (E-Sign Act & Uniform Electronic Transactions Act) regulations. The tool is easy to use, efficient and confidential.

What documents are accepted by Woleet Sign?

The good news is that you can sign any type of document and especially without size limit on Woleet Sign :
  • Documents (.PDF,  word, .docx, .ppt etc.)
  • Images (.jpg, .png etc.)
  • Music and video (.mp4, .mp3 etc.)
  • Data (.csv, .json etc.)

How to sign with Woleet Sign?

Efficiency and practicality are key

Sign a document on Woleet Sign in a few minutes:
  1. Log in or register for free on our interface,
  2. Once connected you have the choice between signing a document or sending a signature request on a document,
  3. Upload the document to sign. You can drag it into the box or import it from your computer, Google drive, Dropbox and OneDrive,
  4. Choose the desired authentication level and the signer(s) only in case of a signature request,
  5. Add a message, a deadline and an observer who will be informed of the progress of the signature. Depending on the deadline chosen, a reminder will be sent to the signer(s).
On Woleet Sign, the signature request time takes on average 2 minutes and the signature time on average 30 seconds.
These are the key steps to get started on Woleet Sign, we have also created these articles below to better guide you:
Woleet Sign is available from our web app but can also be integrated into your information system. Our API allows you to electronically sign directly from your application and workflow. To learn more about the API, click here.

What makes Woleet Sign different from other electronic signature solutions?

The signature lives outside the document : The particularity of the signature system proposed by Woleet Sign is that the proof of signature is built outside the document. Made from the digital fingerprint of the documents, the process does not require sending or archiving the document on the Woleet platform. The exchange therefore remains 100% confidential between you and the signer(s).
Empreinte numérique d'un document (hash)
The attestation of signature: The certificate of signature is sent to all signers once it is validated in the blockchain. It contains the individual signature proofs of each of the signers as well as an audit trail tracing all events related to the request.
Attestation de signature électronique Woleet
Legally enforceable: The electronic signature evidence generated by Woleet Sign is neutral and independently verifiable. In French commercial law, proof is free and at the discretion of the judge. If you have the original document and the signature certificate, in case of a dispute, a bailiff can issue a report after the verification of the evidence and facilitate the appreciation of the judge.
You can also view a short video below introducing the Woleet Sign tool and the 3 key steps to send a signature request.