How to integrate an electronic signature workflow?

Within your business application

Thanks to the Woleet API it becomes easy to integrate an electronic signature paworkflow within any business application. Whenever you need to generate proof of consents and protect different parties in a contractual way, the Woleet API will make your life easier by its easy integration.


To get the most out of an API integration, the target information system must be in charge of several mandatory tasks:
  • Collect the necessary information from the signer: The information required to request the electronic signature of a document is: last name, first name, email and optionally mobile number, in the case of a second SMS factor (verification of the identity of the signer by SMS).


  • Manage the life cycle of the documents to be signed: the application itself generates the documents to be signed and includes the information relating to the signers, as well as a mention or visa indicating the electronic signature mode. This is important because the Woleet signature process does not modify the document (why the document is not modified). It is therefore important that it contains explanatory information, even if brief.


  • Manage the archiving of both the documents and the proofs/attestations corresponding to the signatures.
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