How to make a free electronic signature with Woleet

Accessible and efficient signature requests
When you log in/register on Woleet Sign, the first interface you can view is your dashboard. Here you will find the latest activities related to your account. On the left side you will find the Woleet Sign menu: Dashboard, Request a signature, my requests, my contacts.
Creating a signature request is very simple on Woleet Sign. Just let yourself be guided on your interface and go through the 5 steps as below:
1. Click on “Request for signature” in the left-hand menu. Choose option 2 “Me & other signers” if the document is to be signed by you and one or more other people, or option 3 “other signers” if you do not wish to be a signer:
2. Upload your document by dragging it into the box or choosing it from your computer or the cloud of your choice: Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive. You can then view it and press continue:
3. Choose the level of authentication you want. Simple if you want the signer(s) to confirm their identity with an email address, double if you want them to enter a code sent by SMS (premium account):
4.Select the recipient(s) of your signature request from your contacts or by creating a new contact as below:
5. Confirm your signature request. You can add an observer who will be informed of the progress. You can then leave a message that will be displayed in the signature request email. A deadline is also to be filled in. It will serve as an automatic reminder.
That’s it, your first Woleet Sign request is sent. Once the document is signed, you will receive a notification and a signature certificate to keep.
If you want to know more about the Woleet Sign application, please contact us: