How to make the electronic signature visible ?

How to make the Woleet eSignature visible?

Report the digital signature mode in the document

Privacy reminder

The signing process proposed by Woleet keeps the document completely confidential. This means that Woleet tools never have access to the document, so it is not able to modify it by adding a visual mark. This visual mark would correspond to the digital signature retrieved from the signer. Most of the time, it is desirable to indicate inside the document the type of security associated with it.

Identification of signatories a priori

In the case of an electronic signature or a server seal, if the identities of the signatories are known in advance (before the act of signing itself), they should be included in the document before sending it for signing.
Dans le cas où pour une raison X ou Y la signature n’aurait pas lieu à posteriori, il serait impossible de la trouver lors de la vérification et le document n’aurait du coup aucune valeur.

Information about the audit

It is advisable to indicate on the document where the signature can be verified. For example, you can point to an online proof verification site such as Woleet auditor.

The Woleet Visa a simple and visually effective way

Woleet provides on Github, a collection of images allowing to simply indicate the means of signature. Here are some examples of parts of documents that identify the signatories and the means of signature and verification:
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