Sign a document

How to sign a document for free with Woleet Sign?

Legal electronic signatures accessible to all
Signing a document is very simple and fast on Woleet Sign. Once your account is created, you just have to follow these steps:
1. Step 1 : Select in the left menu “Request for signature”
2. Step 2 : Choose the first choice: “Me”
3. Step 3 : Upload the document to be signed by dragging it into the box or uploading it from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive. You can view the chosen document. Then press continue,
4. Step 4 : You can now add a message or a description of the document for your follow-up. You can also add an observer who will be notified when the document is signed. Press send
5. Step 5 : Check your mailbox, an email is sent instantly asking you to sign the document. Click on the “sign” button, a Woleet Sign page will open, follow the instruction
6. Step 6 : You will later receive a certificate of signature to keep as proof of signature
Attestation de signature électronique Woleet
Your document is now signed. Sending an automatic email with a signature link (as explained in step 5) is a necessary step. It actually verifies your identity so that a malicious person cannot sign a document in your name with only an access to your Woleet Sign account.
If you want to send a signature request to a client, colleague or co-worker, check out our article “Creating a Signature Request on Woleet Sign”