woleet use cases

Use cases of Woleet

Find out how to take advantage of our platform for your data security issues

The three basic features

Woleet secure data flows by facilitating the creation of opposable and verifiable evidences without any intermediary. With the Woleet platform it is possible to generate 3 types of evidence:
  • the proof of integrity or timestamp: with this type of proof you will be able to prove to anyone that a data has not been modified since a given date.
  • the server stamp: this type of proof combines the proof of integrity (of date) and the proof of origin, when it concerns a legal entity – the equivalent of a stamp in the physical world.
  • the electronic signature: here again, the proof of integrity of a document is combined with a proof of signature of a physical person. Generally, an electronic signature includes a signature path including an email and SMS to reinforce the proof of the identity of the signatory.
Each of these security operations results in the creation of a proof, separate from the data, containing all the verifiable cryptographic elements and a reference to a Bitcoin transaction that freezes the proof in time.
These processes do not modify the data in any way, and keep it 100% confidential (the data does not leave the company).

Electronic signature

The electronic signature is useful to collect the consents of individuals and can be applied in a multitude of situations in the professional world. Among the most common use cases:
  • the signature of all kinds of contracts
  • commercial relations (e.g. signing of quotations and order forms)
  • acknowledgement of receipt of documents
  • approval workflow
  • human resources
  • Real estate (management contract, rental lease, commercial lease, inventory of fixtures, sales mandate)
  • Insurance (home insurance, civil liability, life insurance, insurance contract cancellation, car insurance)

Time stamping

Time stamping is useful to ensure the integrity of data over time. If you timestamp a file and need to refer to it or use it in the future, you can ensure that it has not been modified since then, which can be useful in many situations:
  • security of server logs
  • reliable audit trail for financial flows (e.g. invoices)
  • protection of intellectual property (proof of prior art)
  • compliance with declarative data (required by several regulations)

The server stamp

The Bitcoin server seal offered by Woleet allows authenticating all the company’s data. It is very useful for data on which the company must guarantee that it is impossible for anyone to falsify the information provided or declared. Here is a list of some examples of documents or data for which this type of security is of great interest:
  • diplomas
  • attestations
  • certificates of guarantees
  • certificates of authenticity
  • invoices, estimates, delivery notes
  • financial communications
  • inventory of fixtures
  • press releases
  • audit report
En résumé, toutes les données d’importance où le risque de falsification de document est réel, sont candidates au cachet serveur Bitcoin. Si ces données doivent être amenées à voyager de mains en mains et dans un contexte international, cette solution est de loin la plus simple et la plus efficace pour s’assurer de l’intégrité du document sur toute sa durée de vie.
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