Making Trustless Security
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By leveraging Bitcoin’s ledger immutability, Woleet offers a brand new kind of digital notary services that is secure, resilient, decentralized and preserve privacy for sensitive data

For every size…

independant workers

Independant workers


Get your important documents signed and tracked quickly to free up time for more important work. Create a climate of trust for all your business interactions and protect your intellectual assets.

Small and Mid-Size Businesses


Give your applications the security level they deserve. Embrace trustless security as a standard for your data flows today. Mitigate litigations risks with the technology.

Large companies

Large companies


Woleet helps large companies to reinvent the way the manage their sensitive data. It becomes easy to bring trustless security to global cyberesecurity policies, even in complex IT infrastructures.

… and every industry



Woleet help Legaltech companies to integrate trustless data security to critical legal content
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Industry Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate companies can leverage digital proofs for all their sensitive documents exchanges
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Human ressources

Human Resources

Human resources departments can seal collaborator consents and track their activities
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Industry Education


Education sector benefits from certification capabilities of Woleet technology
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Public Services

Public Services

Plublic services can easily bring transparency for public data to citizens
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Financial & Accounting

Finnancial markets can bring trust to all sensitive financial data exhanges
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