Education can get more time spent on teaching, learning and research

Save on paper, time and cost.

Industry Education

Streamline processes for students

Students have adopted new technologies faster than anyone else. With electronic signature, institutions can improve their students’ onboarding process by making it easier and faster than ever.

Simplify operations between faculty teams

With electronic signatures, invite your colleagues to collaborate for signing. Replacing the paperwork involved in many areas can reduce the signing time by up to 80% and reduce organisational costs. The solution is 100% confidential because Woleet has no access to any of your documents.

Complementary security functions

Easily use electronic signature with SMS verification and verify authenticity of e-signature through our verification page.


Timestamp important documents on the blockchain.


We help you to create your own vault of private encryption keys of signature, this will add more security and control.


Use cases

  • ID Documents
  • Course enrollments
  • HR Documents
  • Student loan documents

  • Teacher reports
  • Time sheet
  • Progress reports
  • Uniqueness and protection of diplomas, certification

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