Legal departments can accelerate business by protecting the Digital World

With Woleet, use Blockchain proofs as a cross-jurisdiction legal weapon

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Ensure the protection of confidential data

All legal documents processed with Woleet are highly protected.  Audit all signed and completed documents no matter where you are. The solution is 100% confidential because Woleet only process footprints and has no access to the content of your documents.

Get your documents signed fast, with e-signature

It’s now easier than ever to get contracts signed. Replacing paper with electronic signatures and digital documents can reduces the signing time by up to 80% and reduce their organisational costs.

Complementary security functions

Easily use electronic signature with SMS verification and verify authenticity of e-signature through our verification page.


Timestamp important documents on the blockchain.


We help you to create your own vault of private encryption keys of signature, this will add more security and control.


Use cases

  • Retention and Fee Agreements
  • Asset purchase Agreements
  • Confidentialy Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Loan Agreements
  • Power of attorney Agreements
  • Demand for payments
  • Employment contract

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