The Woleet electronic signature

How to make electronic signature proofs registered in Bitcoin blockchain and opposable in case of litigation?

What is the Woleet electronic signature?

The electronic signature concerns only individuals. It corresponds to the process carried out by a person wishing to match his consent to any digital data.


Woleet allows to realize a proof that an individual has consented to sign a specific document at a given date. To do this, the requester first creates a signature request by filling in the document (without having to upload it anywhere) then the names and contact information of each of the signers. 


The signers then receive a unique link for each one, leading to a signature page where they can confirm the signature and their identification data. It is also possible to add a second factor with an SMS to their phone number in the confirmation phase.

Once all the signatories have signed, proofs are registered in the blockchain and a final certificate containing all the opposable proofs and an audit trail is sent to all participants of the signature request.

What are the proposed means to realize an electronic signature?

What are the proposed means to realize an electronic signature?
  • Woleet Sign: which allows you to make very fast signature requests to anyone in the world for any document format.  


  • The Woleet API to integrate signature paths directly into your business applications.
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