Block height is the new Time

Generate global, openly verifiable bitcoin proofs of existence. Use Bitcoin as a global source of time and get the best of the most battle-tested timechain infrastructure.

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Timestamping made easy

Every sensitive document can be secured with data anchoring in Bitcoin with just a few clicks. In return of each anchoring operation, you receive a conclusive proof of integrity that can be verified independently.


Woleet timestamping is based on open-source standards. We ensure long term interoperability for the proofs we generate. Our standards complies with existing international laws for digital proof recognition and can be used and accepted in court.
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Cost effective for high volumes

Woleet provides a second layer on top of the public blockchain and allows to scale to very high volumes. The economy of scale of our Layer 2 technology is even more interesting when it is applied to large volumes of data.

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Electronic Signature

Confidential data stay in your total control and conclusive proofs of signature live outside the document and can be verified without any third party.
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Seamless Integration

Developers can easily leverage blockchain anchoring capabilities with no friction with legacy systems. Our goal is to facilitate integration with public documentation and open source code.
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