Reinventing Data Security With Trustless Technology

Secure all kind of sensitive data flow by seamlessly creating conclusive proofs of existence and digital signature. In addition, Woleet provides a unique scalable solution for establishing peer-to-peer trust for all digital exchanges.

Great companies of multiple industries chose Woleet to secure their data

Automate Intellectual Property protection
Authenticate digital documents
Real Estate
Trace blueprint workflow
Certificates of authenticity

Worldwide Digital signature Timestamping

Verifiable globally. Forever.

Universal Timestamping

Woleet allows you to timestamp data by anchoring it in the Bitcoin blockchain. The generated proofs are verifiable without the need of a third party, anywhere in the world, at any time.
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Electronic Signature

We reinvent the way organizations deal with agreements. Confidential data stay in your total control and conclusive proofs of signature live outside the document and can be verified without any third party.
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Seamless Integration

Developers can easily leverage blockchain anchoring capabilities without friction with legacy systems. Our goal is to facilitate integration with public documentation and open source code.
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Don’t Trust. Verify.

Woleet uses Bitcoin’s ledger to democratize security applied to sensitive data.
Therefore, our use of open standards provide maximum security, resilience and interoperability.

Woleet Proof Desk
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