The proof system for modern companies

Secure your sensitive data flows by creating Bitcoin-based proofs of existence, electronic signatures and seals.
secure your data with Bitcoin
Intellectual Property protection
Authenticate digital documents
Certificates of authenticity
Real Estate
Trace blueprint workflow

Electronic Signature & Timestamping

Verifiable globally. Forever



The generated proofs are verifiable without the need of a third party, anywhere in the world, at any time, thanks to the Bitcoin protocol.
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Electronic Signature

No more leaking of documents. Your confidential data stay in your total control and only shared with the signatories.
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API Integration

Developers can easily leverage Bitcoin anchoring capabilities without friction with new or legacy information systems.
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We democratize access to digital truth for all industries.

We generate conclusive digital evidences at scale, usable in all jurisdictions

Real Estate

Shelter all your real estate documents by moving your internal processes forward

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The print-scan cycle can be completely eliminated, allowing time for other tasks

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Simplifying processes for students means more time spent teaching, learning and exploring

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Don’t Trust. Verify.

Woleet uses Bitcoin’s ledger to democratize security applied to sensitive data.


Therefore, our use of open standards provide maximum security, interoperability, resilience and confidentiality.

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