The proof system for modern companies

Secure your sensitive data flows by creating Bitcoin-based proofs of existence, electronic signatures and seals.
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secure your data with Bitcoin
Fight counterfeit drugs internationally
Corporate certification tool for multiple use cases
Secure digital documents associated with luxury goods
Trace responsibilities accross multiple business units

Electronic Signature & Timestamping

Verifiable globally. Forever.



The generated proofs are verifiable without the need of a third party, anywhere in the world, at any time, thanks to the Bitcoin protocol.
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Electronic Signature

No more document leaks. Your confidential data stay in your total control and is only shared to the signatories.
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API Integration

Developers can easily leverage Bitcoin anchoring capabilities without friction with new or legacy information systems.
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Secure. Reliable. Scalable.


Our platform is compliant with GDPR and preserve all your data on your side. The proof we generate are based on Bitcoin, not blockchain.


We can provide up to 99.995% SLA with à 500x rebate policy for enterprise clients needing high availability guarantees.



Our APIs can support up to 1000 calls per second per IP, which is unprecedented for a public blockchain-based service.

Delivering concrete innovation to businesses


Protect your customers

Retail is turning fully digital and customers need to stay protected against theft and forgery. With Woleet you can protect your client base with unbreakable digital seals

Think in the long run

Big corporations with complex IT legacy need to think in the long run. Woleet ensures the use of the most durable and resilient way to endeavor this trustless paradigm shift
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Stay ahead of your time

Disruptive startups with fast growth can rely on Woleet to enhance their value proposition. They leverage our API to imagine new ways to acquire more customers without worrying about scalability .

Powerful API

Our APIs are very simple to use, powerful in production, and highly scalable.


You can imagine infinite possibilities of integration within your applications and test it with no limitations in our sandbox environment.

API Documentation
// Timestamping Creation

curl --request POST \ 
--url \ 
--header 'accept: application/json' \ 
--header'authorization: Basic <my realm>' \ 
--header 'content-type: application/json' \ 
--data '{"name":"anchor-name","hash":"eca13c985af0215408e9e3e7b6bdc0e029db8857b7bedb4c0f2098b88ebe614f"}'
// Timestamping Creation

var data = "{\"name\":\"anchor-name\",\"hash\":\"eca13c985af0215408e9e3e7b6bdc0e029db8857b7bedb4c0f2098b88ebe614f\"}";

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

xhr.addEventListener("readystatechange", function () {
  if (this.readyState === this.DONE) {
});"POST", "");
xhr.setRequestHeader("accept", "application/json");
xhr.setRequestHeader("content-type", "application/json");
xhr.setRequestHeader("authorization", "token");

// Timestamping Creation

OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient();

MediaType mediaType = MediaType.parse("application/octet-stream");
RequestBody body = RequestBody.create(mediaType, "{\"name\":\"anchor-name\",\"hash\":\"eca13c985af0215408e9e3e7b6bdc0e029db8857b7bedb4c0f2098b88ebe614f\"}");
Request request = new Request.Builder()
  .addHeader("accept", "application/json")
  .addHeader("content-type", "application/json")
  .addHeader("authorization", "token")

Response response = client.newCall(request).execute();
// Timestamping Creation

import requests

url = ""

payload = "{\"name\":\"anchor-name\",\"hash\":\"eca13c985af0215408e9e3e7b6bdc0e029db8857b7bedb4c0f2098b88ebe614f\"}"
headers = {
    'accept': "application/json",
    'content-type': "application/json",
    'authorization': "token"

response = requests.request("POST", url, data=payload, headers=headers)

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